The Voice

Through my journey I have not only incorporated raw foods into every meal for my health but I have also had to get raw and honest with myself.

I’m sure you have heard how powerful affirmations are and how incorporating affirmations into your daily life will make a significant difference to your wellbeing.

Affirmations are so effective because when you say something repeatedly for a period of time, you begin to believe what you’re saying is true. This is why saying the same affirmation on a daily basis is crucial.

When I first started with daily affirmations I struggled, especially if they related to body image, so I started with a general affirmation such as “I accept and respect my body; I am grateful for all it does. ”Then I eased myself into more specific affirmations that felt delicate to me. I was so used to saying negative things about myself that it seemed unnatural to say anything positive.
After pushing through with the practice I became more comfortable and with that I was able to say them more frequently, which increased the effect .

But like anything, there are positives and negatives, cautions and conditions.

Not only was I saying positive affirmations about myself but I found it difficult to avoid saying negative affirmations as well. These didn’t allow all my hard work to take effect and sink in.

Everyone has a negative voice, a part of the ego that repeatedly puts you down and says things that you would never say to any of your friends; yet we allow ourselves to listen regardless when they talk to us.

We need to remember that calling yourself lazy doesn’t make you fit. Calling yourself a loser doesn’t make you a winner, and calling yourself fat doesn’t make you thinner, so saying these words does nothing to serve you at all.

While it’s easy to realise this and agree that putting yourselves down is something that needs to be eliminated, unfortunately because we have been saying these remarks for the majority of our lives, most of the time, we listen without even noticing.

Below are 4 crucial steps to help free yourself from the pointless negativity that is holding you back.

Visualise- Visualise your ego in order to recognise that you are separate to the voice that is telling you all of the negative comments. Give your ego a name, or certain features; anything that will help you distinguish and recognise that you are not what the voice is saying.

Become aware- Certain places, events and situations can cause your ego to play hard. Unfortunately we can’t always avoid all situations so becoming aware that your ego will be ready to try and take control we can than knowingly choose not to listen to these lies.

Replace- Every time you hear your ego and catch yourself listening to the negative thoughts, replace the thought with a positive affirmation. This may seem difficult after the negative voice has been so loud but it is a crucial and effective step.

Prioritize your health- If you aren’t feeding your mind and body the right nutrients your mind will suffer greatly. Your brain needs certain nutrients in order to function and work efficiently. When the nutritional requirements aren’t met you become anxious and depressed leaving an opportunity for your ego to have the upper hand. Artificial sweeteners, chemicals & addictives can cause and heighten depression so opting for natural whole foods will benefit you greatly.

These 4 steps may seem difficult at times but be patient with yourself and be proud that you taking back control over your life and wellbeing.

As always I would love you hear your thoughts and if you are currently practising daily affirmations?




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2 responses to “The Voice

  1. In truth, Lisa, I am not in the habit of voicing good, positive, healthy affirmative statements about myself. Not dialy. Notwithstanding, I enjoyed your simple, clear and insightful comments (wise, too). Identifying where a voice is coming from within oneself is crucial to appropriating the validity of the content that that voice is saying about one’s self. There is something spiritual in what you are saying here. It’s wholesome, it’s honest and I’d say it’s wonderfully intelligent. Thank you, Lisa.
    (You write well, by the way.)

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