Consuming Chemical Cocktails

At one point I was eating so many toxins and chemicals, I’m sure that if you were to put an open flame near me I would have caught a light.

I have always known that the additives in food and drinks are dangerous but through my illness I chose to listen to the photo-shopped girl in the advert promoting a product with a promise of losing weight which then led you to be as happy as she looked.

When I started noticing my hands shaking and being short of breath I asked one of the models I was doing the makeup for whether she ever worried about the chemicals and artificial sweeteners she consumed in order to stay slim. She looked at me, laughed and said “You have to be realistic. No-one sees your insides; no-one gets a promotion by having a good lung”.

Yes, probably the worst advice ever given, but she said it with such confidence that made me think I was being stupid worrying about the negatives of the chemicals.  So I talked myself into thinking I was doing myself a favour by eating these “diet” foods.

I remember at one point my hands were shaking so much I was convinced I was getting Parkinson’s. Karma for all the times I felt impatient when my pop was slow because he struggled with the disease.

I was getting heart palpitations more and more frequently.  I was anxious, irritated, depressed and my skin was in such a bad state I could have been mistaken for a giant pimple.

One night after I finished my 99% fat and sugar free hot chocolate, I started to get short of breath so I forced myself to read all the chemicals I was consuming and research all of them. There were a lot.

All of the symptoms that I was showing were on the computer screen. I could no longer talk myself into believing it was karma. Depression was labelled as a symptom in nearly every single chemical I was consuming and as I said before, there were a lot!

It has been months since I have had any chemicals at all and I can’t explain how different I feel physically and mentally.

This is why I am so passionate about the lifestyle I now choose to live because without all of these chemicals I am also living without all of the dangerous symptoms I was experiencing.

What upsets me is how hard it is to find foods without these chemicals. Most of my food can be bought at a fruit and veg store but for others who purchase processed foods it’s a nightmare to find anything without harmful toxins.

Nutritionists and well-known dieticians advertise “health “bars for people who don’t have time to research what goes into their food.  Yet the products they’re promoting are full of harmful additives that contradict everything these people once advised their clients and readers prior to their hefty pay cheque.

Although it may be more time consuming at the start, it is worth reading the ingredients that go into your foods. Don’t buy anything that has any numbers or words you aren’t familiar with.

It may be as simple as switching brands once you’re aware of what brands don’t have any chemicals, preservatives and additives in them.

Allergies, skin irritations, insomnia, mood changes and depression are only a few of the symptoms that these nasties are causing you to live with; there are hundreds of other health hazards that come along with foods that contain toxins.

So the advice of not getting a promotion by having a good lung couldn’t be further from the truth. When you are healthy on the inside it reflects how you look and feel on the outside. Our brain can function better in order to work and enjoy our authentic life we are meant to live.




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7 responses to “Consuming Chemical Cocktails

  1. this is such a great post. it is so crazy how many chemicals are in our food supply! you’re absolutely right — if its not a real food in the ingredients, don’t buy it!! so glad you’re doing better 🙂

  2. Lisa awesome words babe! I have been thinking about this a lot recently… I too used to eat so many additives and artificial things even when I thought I was being “healthy.” I focused on things that I thought wouldn’t upset my coeliac digestive system, which usually meant eating foods I thought would be “light” such as diet yoghurt and bars. I didn’t understand what I do now about how fake those foods were and that I was really poisoning my body. Since moving to a wholefoods, natural, organic plant based vegan diet I feel so much better physically and mentally, like you!
    It definitely scares me that most of the “food” in the supermarket is not real food at all, but the general public doesn’t know this and are victims of advertising / misinformation about nutrition.
    With all this garbage that has become “normal” everyday food items, it’s no wonder that there are so many learning problems, allergies and mental illness in the population today.
    Regarding the diet fallacy, so many people are eating to loose weight when they need to eat for health. I’m so happy that you were able to overcome such a sentiment and find yourself!
    Love Lolita xx

    • Thanks Hun!
      That’s completely right, and the diet foods actually lead to weight gain.
      It’s amazing how people just aren’t aware of how dangerous these chemicals really are but you cant blame them because marketing does a brilliant job to hide it all!

  3. We’re so happy to hear you’re off the “chemical diet” and living in “Raw Serenity!” Congratulations XO!

  4. Samcatt

    wow, do i know how you feel. i too have a family member with parkisons, and i too also thought it was karma for my impatience with everything.

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