Break Free From Stress Generated Urges

The past couple of weeks have been filled with anxiety and stress, which has led me to be more fixated on my weight.
Although I have been stressed about having to put on a little more weight to be healthy, I haven’t given into the urges to fall back into my old habits.

People deal with stress differently; some people drink, eat, smoke, panic, yell, shop or focus their attention on their weight.

Now that I am aware of these triggers I can check back into reality and recognise that what I have been stressed about has nothing to do with my body image and focusing on something else doesn’t necessarily make the original stressful situation go away.

Like me, so many people fall into unhealthy habits to deal with stress without recognising why they feel the urge. We need to be mindful of the urges we feel when the triggers go off.

This is not a time to judge yourself or others over how stress is dealt with. The way you deal with stress may be completely different from anyone in your family or circle of friends. You may not understand why others cope with stress the way they do, or why they give into stress generated urges, but we all have to be mindful that there is always an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Giving support and advising healthier options on how to handle stress will make a big impact to your loved one’s well-being.

When you feel stress related urges ask two honest questions of yourself:
What is the real reason why I am feeling this urge?
Does it serve me?

Most of the time stress generated urges don’t serve us at all. They defer the original stress to a bad habit, which leads you to feel guilt.

Healthy options for dealing with stress are:
Going for a stroll
Reading an enjoyable book
Listening to calming / positive music
Having a warm bath
Sitting out in the sun
Playing with your pet
Calling a positive friend

I find it difficult to jump into meditation because I haven’t had enough practice, so I find the best way to deal with stress is by sitting out in the sun, closing my eyes while focusing on my breathing. The sun increases your serotonin level, which is a mood lifting chemical and by focusing on your breathing it will help bring down your heart rate to fight away the stress.

When I find my breath is calm and even, I start to check in with myself, ask questions and reason with myself over why I am stressed.

Nothing external can make us stressed unless we allow it. The feeling of being stressed is caused internally; it is our choice to create it.




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8 responses to “Break Free From Stress Generated Urges

  1. Amanda

    Great Post! And definitely come to terms with how I deal with stress has been just starting to scream even if it’s to other’s trying to help me. I will be best to either take a walk or even just try to talk calmer. B/c blowing up in anyone’s face is not helpful or healthy. Just knowing this now will definitely help me in the future. 🙂

  2. I feel your pain on the stress front…mine has surfaced in the form of psoriasis…nasty and incredibly itchy! Well done on fighting those urges…it ain’t easy! Do you mind me asking…where are you based, UK ? Ireland?

  3. I really like the idea of asking yourself those 2 questions about the reason for feeling the urge and if it will serve you. This morning I woke up WAY earlier than my body was ready to because my mind was on overdrive making me feel guilty for attending a wine & food tasting dinner last night with some friends. I had the urge to go out and run just to “burn it off” and even got so far as putting on my sneakers and walking out the door before I realized that I was feeling that urge for all the wrong reasons (I really don’t like running, haha) and that I probably still wouldn’t feel better when I got back. So, I walked back into my house and laid down and rested til it was time to go to work. I think that’s funny that I did just what you suggested this very morning!

    • Thats awesome that you did that!
      Its the only way to win the battle with the voices.
      With each urge we fight we get stronger so your already 1 more down 🙂
      You deserve to have a great time with friends without the demons telling you otherwise. When I’m out, I watch friends and family enjoying themselves without a care in the world. They are so inspiring and a great example of how I want to live. Voices tell me other wise but I know thats how I, LISA wants to live.

  4. I absolutely relate to this (as you know from my recent posts). It is so inspiring that you have come to a level of such self awareness that you can “check” yourself when those stress generated urges kick in – I really admire you in doing that.
    I find yoga to be my ultimate stress buster. I don’t know what I would do without it.
    It’s so important to not get caught up in the stressful moment and to step back, take a deep breath and try to see things in perspective. Though this isn’t always easy to do, I try!


    • Thanks so much, that means a lot to me!
      Checking in with ourselves and fighting the stress generated urges is such a hard thing to do but with every urge we fight we get stronger.
      I need to get into yoga again! Do you ever do DVD yoga classes? X

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