Why Vegan Parents Aren’t Selfish

I was recently asked whether I would force my kids to be vegan.

First of all I don’t have any kids nor do I even have a partner,so it baffled me when I was asked this question. Yes, I understand that I was being asked “when” or “if” I have kids in the future but to me it seems a little inappropriate to begin with as I could see them ready to pounce if I were to say yes.

So I thought the best way to answer this question was by saying that I will feed them exactly what the government has recommend because after all don’t they have our health and wellbeing as their number one priority?

Mucus from infected cows utters on their cereal for breakfast. Highly refined sugar coated muesli bars mid morning to help them fall asleep in class. 
Toxic deli meat sandwiches on processed wonder white bread for lunch and mixture of hormones and antibiotics to go with their serve of vegies for dinner.

was then given a frustrated look after saying this, which reminded me that I completely forgot dessert, so I explained that of course I would feed them more hormones and mucus to go with their ice cream!

This led to an eye roll and a heavy sigh (which was totally unexpected since I said exactly what they wanted to hear. You’re welcome!).

The truth is that although I have visions of a handsome vegan raw food chef on a healthy groomed stallion knocking on my doorthe chances are that he will come by with a muddy truck and a steak in the back ready to turn charcoal on the BBQ.

Regardless of what diet choices “the father” eats my intentions will be the same: tnourish, educate and to support them through their own authentic life.

I won’t be seen cooking a steak for dinner purely because I don’t eat it and I gag at the thought of touching it. If my children choose to try or eat meat I certainly won’t disapprove of them eating certified organic meat if their father cooks it for them.

I believe everyone deserves to make their own life decisionson their dietary choices when given all of the information(except the certified organic, free ranged part as added toxins and hormones is something I truly wouldn’t want my children to consume).

I was told that if I only cook my children vegan foods because that’s what I wanted to eat, that would be selfish. Though, if Iwere a meat eater and cooked them steak when they preferred walnut taco mince instead, that would be fine and clearly the kids are just fussy.

I have never liked meat. Not only because of the taste but I couldn’t seem to chew it so most of it would be spat into a serviette when no one was looking. I had to try to eat it because that’s what my parents liked and wanted to eat for dinner. So although I preferred stir fried veggies for dinner but was given a t-bone steak instead, why weren’t my parents criticized and called selfish?

My parents weren’t called selfish because they believed I needed steak for iron and protein and weren’t aware of various other foods that could supply these nutrients. Eating meat was considered “normal” in our society and also because no one expects parents to make a different dish for dinner depending on each child’s preferred preferences.

So why are parents called selfish if they cook a nutritionally balanced meal without any animal products because they don’t like or believe it is benefitting their children’s health to leave out these foods? Why is it different from a meat eating family forcing their kids to eat meat because of their beliefs?

Even though there have been several studies to support feeding children on a balanced plant based diet , reporting it is extremely healthy and safe compared to a diet rich in animal based foods, there is still a stigma for the word vegan.

Recently I have seen more articles and news programs talking about the benefits of a plant based vegan diet and lifestyle. Many articles are about previous cancer suffers who have cured themselves by changing their dietary habits to vegan. More studies have also revealed hidden toxins from hormones in animal based products.

This brings hope that people will become aware of what a vegan diet actually consists of. The false claims of eating nothing but “rabbit food” and tofu will be replaced with a huge selection of foods that look and taste no different fromany other foods, but have the added health benefits of a vegan whole food diet.

Unfortunately the stigma and the false claims towards a vegan lifestyle won’t be changing any time soon.  It is slowly being recognised with more and more people taking on this beneficial lifestyle approach.

So by the time my raw food chef sweeps me off my feet hopefully there will be more awareness of how beneficial a whole food vegan diet is for children and adults that I won’t have to defend my choices of what food  I serve to my family.

 I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Lisa x








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12 responses to “Why Vegan Parents Aren’t Selfish

  1. LOVED THIS POST! Sharing it to fb for certain family and friends lol.

    • Thanks Stefania, appreciate that!
      Hope your well x

    • Casey

      I have my strong beliefs on nutrition and am extremely passionate when it comes to health, but I would never ever judge nor voice my opinions to other parents about it! It’s so hard to be a parent as it is, without worrying about those “super mothers” who think they know everything about everything”!! It drives me insane!! My husband is a typical bloke who could eat steak 3 times a day, so it makes it hard! lol
      But good on the parents who are confident enough in making the decision for their whole families to be Vegans because society can be a b*tch!!
      Awesome article btw 🙂

  2. A great article. I’m not vegan, but I can relate to wanting my child to have the best food available with all of the best nutrients. I think you’ll be a great mummy and wife one day!

  3. Athena Geraldine

    I love hearing your input on this!!! Occasionally people ask if I will ‘force’ my kids to be vegan, or my older sister points out how sad my kids will be at halloween and family get togethers (please,haha). Grateful for the support this article offers!! Can not believe parents that frown upon plant based diets yet, do not question their lack of veggies on the table, etc.

  4. Gosh I just LOVE when people ask me that question (although they use “vegetarian” as I’m not vegan, just veggo). It’s so rude and they love to make it sound as if I’m the worst parent ever for putting my poor little girl through eating vegetarian food (this comes from family and random strangers in the street!). My theory is this – I will only ever be cooking vegetarian food in my house HOWEVER, if once my daughter is old enought to understand exactly where meat comes from and still decides she wants to eat dead animal carcass (mmm appetizing!) then she may eat meat at friends/relatives houses and when we go out for food. (oops sorry for the essay!) 😀

  5. Kath

    Ignorance is bliss!! I’ve been veg for 19 years (thanks Paul McCartney!!), and the hardest ‘battle’ is dealing with mis-information people regurgitate (you need milk for calcium, where do you get iron from, it’s hard being veg, what about kids’ parties etc). My daughter is nearly 3, and I present her with delish, wholesome yumminess she generally devours happily… I’m especially loving all the groovy ‘new’ stuff (chia, quinoa) western weirdoes like me are discovering. You just have to memorise a whole heap of facts and figures, and trot them out whenever someone starts pontificating!

  6. aliasviolet

    Fantastic! I love this post and all the responses to it. I once over-heard a chef complaining that, when he worked at a school and was told by one parent that her daughter was vegetarian he said to her, “how old is she?”. When the mother told him her daughter was 5 years old the chef said “so she doesn’t even know what a vegetarian is!” Sadly I didn’t have the presence of mind to explain that a vegetarian child knows exactly what they’re eating because veggie parents can tell them the truth, as opposed to meat-eating parents who are often forced to lie to their children about where meat comes from in order to get them to eat it! (I can back this up with other true stories but I won’t go on).

    • Hi,
      Thank you so much.
      Your comment made me smile 🙂
      Children are silly and they an understand that an animal mst ie for us to eat it.
      That chef seems very arrogant and unprofessional.
      For what he knew , the kid could have been told medically that meat is not an option because of allergies or kidney disease ect.
      It’s quite sad how react to others lifestyles x

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