All The Little Things

Last week I came across two blogs that I haven’t read before. The two posts I read from these bloggers got me thinking about how little we acknowledge our achievements and our greatness.

We have been brought up in a society where we don’t like to talk about and be proud of our achievements that we make in our everyday lives, in fear of seeming full-of-ourselves.

Because we don’t acknowledge and celebrate our achievements, it has created a society in which people feel that they can never be good enough and can never achieve.

Cait from Cait Plus Ate created a post suggesting that we write down all the amazing things about ourselves.
I did this exercise and while it felt strange listing the reasons why I’m amazing, when I read over my list I felt pretty damn proud.

Some points on my list were the small things I do, such as reading books and some points were life changing such as eating a vegan diet and living a toxic free lifestyle.

Even though not all of my points were life changing and dramatic, it doesn’t make them any less important compared to the others.

Meg from A Dash of Meg supports this wonderfully in her HFF (High Five Friday).

As I was reading through the High Fives that went out, I was thinking that there are some achievements on the list that I have accomplished, yet I have never acknowledged those achievements or patted myself on the back.

It was heart warming to see High Fives going out for everyday achievements and it is something that I will now incorporate into my everyday life.

When we allow ourselves to appreciate our greatness, our outlook on our day changes dramatically for the better.

Today I went to the gym and increased my dumb-bell weight by 1kg. As I left the gym I realised my achievement and allowed myself to feel proud.  It may be only 1kg heavier but its 1kg more than what I could have lifted last week and that needs celebrating!

My day instantly became brighter and more satisfying once I allowed myself to recognise and feel proud of myself.

We don’t need to break a record or compare our achievements to others, to allow ourselves to feel proud of what we have achieved. We are living our own authentic lives and every new experience and challenge we come up against, makes us a stronger and wiser person.

At the end of each day, sit down and think about what you have achieved that day. Perhaps you finished your work on time or got up early and went to the gym instead of sleeping in. Allow yourself to feel proud of what you have accomplished.



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8 responses to “All The Little Things

  1. Lovely post Lisa. I think you are quite right to seize that joy – carpe diem – , acknowledge it in the day, & give yourself a little pat on the back. Comparisons are deadly. So true.
    You sum it up well. Bravo! The little things are the most important, aren’t they?
    Take care.

  2. I am working on not comparing myself to others. I have come a long way, but I still catch myself doing it sometimes… I just remind myself no one is better or worse, we are just different.

    • Hi Stefania,
      Thats awesome that you have come this far! You deserve to give yourself a pat on the back!
      It is extremely hard to change the negative voice that compares you to others. Keep going and over time it will become easier and easier. Like you I also will be keeping this up and reminding myself to acknowledge how far I’ve come x

  3. This is wonderful! I love reading that you acknowledged that 1kg gain as a gain and not just a small gain, a tiny gain, an insignificant gain. These are the mean words that our mind wants us to adopt but if you can just drop them and realize it means you’re stronger, you’ll feel a whole lot better. I’m proud of you!! And so thankful and honored to be mentioned ❤

  4. Ohhhh I absolutely LOVE this post! Bravo! Thank you for reminding us all to appreciate and love ourselves. The world can only be brighter because of it. 🙂 xxz

  5. YOU are a beautiful writer! I cannot get enough of you, Lisa ❤ great post and thank you so much for the shout out! I feel so bad that I had such a busy week and didn't see this post in time for HFF 😦 😥 I'll get something for you next week I know it 😉

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