Finding Serenity in My Sunday: The List

Each year I write a list of all of the new experiences I’ve had throughout the year.

It shows how far I have come and also how much I have learnt throughout the year. It’s a great exercise to do for keeping motivated and inspired.

I also find that if I write a negative experience that I’ve had on my list, I begin to view it from a different angle. I now see it as an experience that I have learnt from rather than just a kick in the guts.

I usually do this at the end of each year, but I thought I would start it now and also list some of the things I still want to experience before the year ends.

Looking over my list, I feel quite proud of myself (I’ve also learnt to allow myself to feel proud!)

I have changed my lifestyle, fell in love with green smoothies, saw chia seeds swell before my eyes and spoke to a group of professionals, to give them an insight into living with an eating disorder so they can then help others.

I learnt how to say no and to put my health first.

I have gained a variety of knowledge about the environment, alternative health and the connection between your food and your mind.

My experience list for 2012 is currently 3 pages long. No experience is too small or is less important than the others. I find the little experiences can often count the most. For example, people may think that trying a green smoothie isn’t a big deal, but it has changed my life. I simply cannot go a day without one! (Salivating just by mentioning them)

Here is a picture of the start of my list below:

Some of the things I still want to experience are:

  • Trying more foods for the first time (Including brussel sprouts)
  • Trying different types of yoga
  • Writing a guest post on someone’s blog
  • Having a guest on my blog
  • Growing a herb garden

In my first post I explained that my chosen word for the year is “authentic “and this is the year that I would work on being my authentic self.

Most of my experiences this year have felt very authentic to me. I have experienced a spiritual connection with myself and a better understanding on spirituality.

I have a better relationship with my body and now listen and attend to its needs – a sense of respect that I now feel towards myself.

My authentic self may not be doing boozy Sunday sessions, but she is sitting in the warm with The China Study in one hand, green smoothie in the other while surrounded by the people she loves most. And that is would what makes her healthy, happy and serene.



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3 responses to “Finding Serenity in My Sunday: The List

  1. Love the list of new experiences idea…i feel like it would motivate me to try new things just so I could add it to the growing list!

  2. Kathryn

    I love the list idea! I have a list of things I want to achieve each year, but I hate labelling them as New Year Resolutions. I like the idea of them being experiences.

    As for brussell sprouts – I’ve seen Susan from make a few recipes with them that always look delicious!

    Please keep up the posts. It’s great to hear a new voice in the raw vegan world!

    • Thanks Kathryn!
      I find labeling things as new year resolutions can create guilt if you don’t meet that expectation, so I don’t make them for that reason.

      Susan is great, isn’t she!
      I’ll go through her recipes now for brussel sprouts.
      Thanks so much for your kind words x

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