I Am Proud Of My Body

Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.

I have been extremely busy but will get back into the hang of things very soon!

I am a huge fan of Kate Winslet; always have been but since reading the quote in the above image about creating a positive body image for children, I love her even more.

I admire her talent but most of all I admire the way she treats her body with respect and doesn’t cave into the unhealthy celebrity habits.

It absolutely terrifies me to see young girls being diagnosed with eating disorders and having a negative body image. The age groups for children being affected are getting younger each year.

The days are gone when the only thing you had to worry about when you were eight years old was what Barbie you were going to bring to “show and tell”.

I was actually told last week that eight year olds don’t play with Barbies anymore, they are far too old for that. I am still in shock.

I can’t say I am all that surprised. Everywhere you look there are images of photo-shopped models.

Every second advert on TV is about a new diet or a diet product to try.

The majority of movies have a token fat person that everyone picks on.

Music videos are just soft porn.

And the one thing girls do best when we get together is talk about weight loss and diet.

These are just a few examples of what young children have around them on a daily basis.

I’m not a mother. I do however want to be a mother one day and it breaks my heart to think that my daughter (or son) will be around all of these unhealthy messages.

I understand that we can’t eliminate every negative image and message from kids these days, but I do know that parents have the biggest influence on kids.

I too, have never heard one woman say “I am proud of my body”. I have heard a million times what they hate about their body but never anything that they are proud of.

I don’t blame my mum for never saying that she is proud of her body. My history of my eating disorder didn’t evolve from her. She isn’t one who fixates on her body. In fact I admire the way she has never stressed too much about it.

But I never heard her (or anyone else) say that they were proud of what they had.

Perhaps because we all didn’t want to seem “full of ourselves”.

I once remember my brother saying how awesome his muscles were and we all laughed and told him he had a big head. I can now see why we never spoke about what we liked about ourselves.

Kids have forgotten how to be kids. I see toddlers wearing clothes just like mummy and demanding baby cinnos.

We all give complements to little girls about their appearance. A child shouldn’t care about their appearance! They shouldn’t worry about their figure because they don’t have a figure to watch.

At work, I am around young kids all the time. For a few months I have been mindful of what I say around little girls. I never comment or compliment them on their appearance. I have told them that they are very important and that they have a big heart. I have told them that they can achieve anything they want in life and you know what, their smile was larger than ever and their spirits were high without talking about body image.

I would love to know your thoughts on this.

Did your parent’s relationship with their bodies affect yours?

Be kind to yourself,

Lisa x



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9 responses to “I Am Proud Of My Body

  1. Jan

    I have 3 daughters and I remember them mentioning that their friends were so envious of us not having a scale. Many of their friends were obsessed with weight and jumping on the scale every day. My daughters never had that option. It wasn’t a deliberate choice, I just figured I knew when I didn’t feel good, I had been eating the wrong foods. Numbers were never the goal. A wonderful article. We need to refocus on what’s important…not the brand name and who we look like.

  2. Kath

    Don’t worry about the babycinnos, hon…tis just a fun way of keeping the young’un occupied while mum and dad/mum have a moment of quiet reflection!! Seriously, before I had a child I hated it too, now I love a cafe that does it right (choc milk and a few marshies).

    Let’s raise our kids to be plucky, adventurous, kind, inquisitive…

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  4. Lyn

    I have been so lucky that I never had a Mum who complained about her weight. She would try and lose weight but it was never really a big deal. I really think this is why I have had good self image.
    I am super proud of my body and I have a spectacular body even if it may have some flaws!
    I wish more woman could appreciate their bodies. I went through 7 years of chronic illness as a teenager so I guess for me I see the blessings that my body brings. Health is the most important thing not looking hot! I never take it for granted!
    I love your comment on saying you avoid commenting on children’s appearance. I think that is awesome because we really need to build up the confidence in other areas first.
    Great blog!

  5. Found your blog from FatFreeVegan – TOTALY agree with everything you wrote – it is sooo sad, and soo true. I don’t have any children yet either, but hope to set a good example for them someday and also for my neice and other children I have contact with.


  6. Hi Lisa, great post. I too think Kate is AWESOME!
    My mum was great, always telling me I was beautiful while growing up. She generally displayed a healthy relationship to food and her body, and we never had a scale in the house. However she also never said she was proud of her body or loved her body, but she was always accepting of how she was. I think I have been very lucky with how my mum brought me up in regards to this x

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