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My Body Image Confession


I have never lied about my past and the fact that I had an eating disorder (twice) that nearly took my life.
I never regret telling people my story because I am proud of how far I have come.

On the outside I look like I have made a shining recovery from Anorexia. I help friends, family and strangers get over their body image discomforts but I do one thing that is holding me back from loving my own body and slowing down the progress of recovery that only a few people know; I call myself fat.

In fact I say” I feel fat” roughly around twenty times per day. At first I thought that this was a good thing, opening up and being honest to people. I felt as though it was some kind of release from within to voice how I felt but what I am actually doing is convincing myself that what I am saying is true. Just like affirmations, but instead of them being life changing and positive these affirmations are self-destructive.

I have given up all of my eating disorder habits but this one has stuck like glue and it’s time to give it up.
Not only is it hurting me, it’s hurting my friends and family. And let’s not forget that when people talk negatively about themselves, the listener begins to feel self-conscious too. This is something I often forget when I’m down in the dumps.

I’ve had to dig deep and figure out why I do this to myself. Why I keep convincing myself that I’m fat when I am nothing but a normal healthy weight.

The answer is the Ego. I actually call my ego Fred so I call tell the difference between my true loving self and not mistake myself for the life sucking voice in my head (Fred I’m talking about you!).
Yes, it may sound silly that I have given my Ego a name but it really works and helps you realise that you are not the loud voice in your head!

I look at woman of all shapes and sizes and say how beautiful they are, but why am I an exception? Simple, I’m not.
My body shape is just as beautiful as everyone else’s, there are no exceptions, no excuses and no denying that this isn’t true.

One thing that helps me is by looking at my Positive Body Image board on Pinterest. By looking at these inspiring images and quotes every morning (or multiple times a day when I need them) helps me feel empowered and inspired about my body.

Have a look at my board or create your own body loving board for when you need that little bit of inspiration too.
So I am making a commitment to drop the “Fat Talk” and I hope you can join me and do the same.

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.
Lisa xx


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Lets Talk Fodmap’s!


The low Fodmap eating plan is gaining popularity very quickly, and for good reason.
It seems like every second person has IBS or IBS symptoms these days and unfortunately medical practitioners cant “fix” the problem altogether, they can however help give you advice or medication that can help ease the symptoms.

I had IBS every single day for four years before I asked for medical help. I am still embarrassed that I waited that long but research has shown that the majority of sufferers wait a similar amount of time before seeking help.
If your symptoms are occurring for a prolonged period of time, seek medical advice because when your bowels aren’t working correctly, a lot of nutrition can be lost along with a lot of other medical concerns.

I was introduced to the Low Fodmap Diet roughly about one year ago and it has taken up to now to get into a habit of eating this way but I can tell you that this has helped more than anything I have tried in the past.
The thing I struggled with when changing my diet to eating low Fodmap foods was that some healthy “superfoods” I was eating daily was actually causing my body more harm than good. I eat a large amount of plant based meals and I am a huge health lover so when I was told to give up kale, broccoli, MANGOS!, apples ect. I thought this sounded extremely unhealthy at the time.
But I can’t stress enough that everyone’s body is completely different and no one diet is healthy for every individual. Take sesame seeds for example; One of the highest sources of calcium and contains amazing healthy fats to feed to brain and body but at the same time someone can have a life threatening allergic reaction to sesame seeds.

So what are Fodmaps?

The complex version is Fermentable Oligo-saccharides, Disaccharides And Polyols which fall under a group of carbohydrates.
Foods that contain these properties can be poorly absorbed in the small intestine which then ferments in the gut and causes bacteria and gas.

Below is an image of some that are safe on a Low Fodmap Diet and foods that you should avoid.


I highly recommend this diet for IBS suffers, it has helped so many people be able to live comfortably with IBS.
As always I would love to know your thoughts on this eating plan.

Lisa x


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Connect’s The Word


Hey everyone!

It’s been an embarrassing long time since I have blogged and I sincerely apologise for that!

At the start of January each year I like to reflect what the previous year has brought me.
I list everything as an experience, that way if a negative memory/thought comes to mind I automatically see it as an experience I had that I could learn from rather than a horrible memory.

I experienced many things in 2013 that makes me smile such as; love ( My partner and I got a puppy!), trying new foods, going to new cafes and restaurants, meeting new people, learning, reading new books ect..
I have also had experiences that weren’t pleasant at times but I now can smile about these moments and memories because I know I have learnt from the lessons that were thrown at me.

Another exercise I do each year is to think of a word that I’ll use throughout the year to help me keep focus on my goals. This year I have chosen the word “connect”.
The reason I have chosen this word is because I feel as though my mind and body aren’t connected as much as what I would like them to be.

I’m a highly stressed person and if you are anything like me you would know just how important it is to take a minimum on five minutes out of your day to meditate so your mind calms and your breathing can return back to a normal relaxed state.
In 2013 I stopped doing this regularly and my recovery and health suffered because of it. I now know I can’t use the excuse “I’m too busy!” because lets be honest with ourselves, five minutes isn’t really that long.

Meditating is a great way to turn the ego’s power off and gives your inner self a voice.
Your inner voice will give you all the answers you need, you just need to be patient and willing to listen.
(Patience is something I also desperately need to work on, but let’s not get into that one now)

Sometimes I get frustrated (this is where my impatience comes in fine form) when I meditate and my inner self can’t be heard straight away, but I have learnt that the voice becomes stronger and you begin to feel your intuition and your heart telling you what to do with time and patience, and when you feel that feeling, that my friends is what I call connection!

This year the blog will help gives you tools, insight, recipes, self-assurance, self confidence and health tips that will help every wellness warrior continue on their path to an abundance of health and happiness.

Lisa x


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